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Banquets and feasts are expressions of joy for the human beings. For the Christians, feasts are commemoration of faith and expression of their unity. It is also a witnessing of faith. Kaipuzha palli ever shares the same spirit in its fullness. The parish life filled with many feasts of major and minor importance is a sign of the joyous nature of the faithful. Persons of other faiths also participate with great enthusiasm, which makes them not only a feast of the parish but of the whole locality also. The main feasts of the church are:


1. Feast of St. Mary of Carmel and of St. Sebastian.

2. Feast of St. George.


3. Feast of the foundation of the church.


4. Other feasts.




Feast of St. Mary of Carmel and St. Sebastian

The main day of the festal of celebration of St. Mary of Carmel, the main feast of the church, is on the 1st Sunday of February. Recently feast of St. Sebastian was also added to the darshana thirunal.



Feast of St. George


St. George is the patron of Kaipuzha palli. St. George is a martyr of the 2nd century. He was a roman solider    converted to Christianity…?????.. The statue of   St. George of the church is brought from Edathwa Palli ……?????? The feast is celebrated on the 1st Sunday of May.










Feast of the Foundation of the church


Kallitta thirunal is the commemoration of the faith and the sacrifice involved in it of the forefathers. Kaipuzha palli was built in thulam 1813. On this day we remember with gratitude of the struggle faced by our forefathers in forming this Knanaya Catholic Community.


Other Feasts:


1.   Sacred Heart Feast:


Sacred Heart Feast is celebrated at Sacred Heart Chapel Kaipuzha on 30th June. This feast is celebrated to commemorate the unending love of Jesus Christ for the human kind. In preparation to this feast ‘Vanakamasam’ (a month long prayer) is conducted in the chapel in the evening and (pachor) is distributed as an offering.


2. St. Antony’s Feast:


The feast of St. Antony of Paduwa is celebrated on  ??????  at Parel Kurishupalli.


St. Joseph’s Feast:


St. Joseph Feast is celebrated on  ?????  at St. Joseph Chapel Poozhikanada. In this connection the whole month of March ‘Vanakamasam’ is recited with great reverence. This is celebrated also at St. Joseph convent as he is their patron.


4. St. Sebastian’s Feast:


St. Sebastian’s??????? This feast is celebrated at St. Sebastian’s church, Attukarankavala on the Friday prayer to the main feast of the church. In this day holy mass is celebrated???? in the morning and in the evening. The prosection to the church with the statue of St. Sebastian begins from the chapel.


5. St. Luke’s Feast:

St. Luke the evangelist feast is celebrated on 18th October. St. Luke, a physician a patron of the H.D.P hospital hence this feast is celebrated at the hospital chapel. 

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